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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Death and the body

The fact that we are not these bodies does not mean one should treat life and the body casually. The Bhāgavata (10.1.48) says:

mṛtyur buddhimatāpohyo
yāvad buddhi-balodayam
yady asau na nivarteta
nāparādho 'sti dehinaḥ

"As long as he has intelligence and bodily strength, an intelligent person must try to avoid death. But if death cannot be avoided in spite of one's endeavors, the embodied soul facing death commits no offense."

In this regard Sādhu Bābā used to quote Kumāra Sambhava: śarīram ādyaṁ khalu dharma sādhanam - "The body is surely the primary cause of religious practise (sādhana)."

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