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Thursday, June 08, 2006

svārasikī elaboration

Muralīdhara commented on my last blog:

Reverend Steve of the Marijuana Sacrament Church wrote somewhere that he recently gave up eating red meat, but that his wife was still enjoying it - which must make for some inconvience for them when it comes to planning what to cook for "honey" at meal time.

Seriously, of course svārasikī-elaboration on the existing theme of Rādhā Kṛṣṇa aṣṭakāliya parakīya līlā is just fine and very welcome, however, as Murali indicated with his description of Subal's level of ācāra, great purity is required to qualify to do so. Secondly one must be expert in kāvya, nāṭaka śāstra, alaṅkāra, rasa-siddhānta and what have you. Thirdly there are the parameters given by Śrīman Mahāprabhu - rasābhāsa hoy yadi siddhānta virodha - such compositions must be in good taste, not just aesthetically, but according to the terms of kāvya, alaṅkāra etc, and must be philosophically sound. It is unfortunately certain that Subala does not qualify in any of these categories, so it is better I don't give him an e-copy of Govinda Līlāmṛta just yet...


  1. Obviously Subal is not qualified to change books around. But then who is and why would you want to? And Subal wants to be postmodern. But the rasa literature is a beautiful example of postmodernism - viz. in smaranam meditation, if you are a saint like Narottama Das Thakurji, you can meet Srimati Radharani in a lila that nobody has ever seen before! So, you create your own reality, which is very postmodern.
    But do we want to do what is necessary to reach that level? Like no meat and no drugs? Which is not pre-, post- or any other type of modernism; I'm afraid that that is eternally necessary for us poor little jiva's.

  2. Dear Adwaita Dasji,
    Great expose on the sickness of Subal!
    I greatly appreciate your comments on the reading of rasa-shastras. I think that many of us from the western contingent of Vaishnavism are just not ready for these things due to our samskaras.
    However I did have a question. Recently Narayan Maharaj's group published Gita Govinda. Despite them continuously exclaiming that there is fair warning in Narayan Maharaj's introduction in the beginning of the book about how "nobody without the adhikar should read this book", I know of many 'devotees' who have downloaded the book as a PDF file who don't even follow the basic principle of celibacy.
    NM's people say that according to Viswanath Chakravarti Thakur's purport to the famous Vikriditam verse, anyone who thinks that he is not qualified to read these intimate pastimes (because he is contaminated by lust) is an atheist because simply by reading and hearing these pastimes one's lust will be driven far away.

    Other devotees say that the stress is on the word Dhirah (sober and in control of ones senses). THis doesn't make much sense to me because if one is already in control of ones senses, where is the question of removing one's lust by hearing these pastimes?

    Anyhow, I think it is quite strange that NM's people can preach this type of philosophy considering that 2 of their leading sannyasis have fallen down even after hearing these intimate lilas for years.

    Your servant,
    Kesavananda Das