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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Other talks

Anonymous said...
Subal is pagal at best. I fail to understand why you draw attention to his absurd statements. Why don't you present Hari Katha instead of a topic like this? In the words of Srila Thakur Mahasaya:
Ana kathA nA bolibo, Ana kathA nA zunibo, sakali koribo paramArtha prArthanA koribo sadA, lAlasA abhISTa kathA, ihA vinA sakali anartha (PBC 101)
"I will not say or hear anything else, but I will live a completely spriritual life (devoted to Sri Krishna). I will always pray for this coveted topic, without which everything else is useless."

sudhA kaNikA vyAkhyA:"I constantly pray that I may always hanker for topics concerning my most beloved Sri-Sri Radha-Madhava, for anything other than those dearmost topics is simply harming my bhajan," For practitioners of raganuga bhajan, who are absorbed in lila rasa, anything other than topics of the beloved deity is a mishap.

Attention is given to this because many people are not so intelligent as your good self and may be misled by such people - I have seen it with other preachers of apasiddhānta - they take advantage of a huge amount of personal charisma to deviate people from the pure teachings of the Gosvāmīs. By the way, that same Narottama Dās Thākura Mahāśaya that you are quoting has filled that same Premabhakti Candrikā you are quoting with cautions and warnings against so many misconceptions and wrong practices, so that particular statement of his you are quoting has to be seen in context. With "other talks" he does not mean dismissing and refuting apasiddhāntas, since he has done that himself so often - and not only him, all śāstras are filled with such warnings and refutations - with "other talks" he means the Football Worldcup, the war in Iraq and what have you. These topics wont be discussed on madangopal.blogspot - that is a promise! Besides, thanks to this blogspot no one can accuse me of being a 'selfish bhajanānandī who only thinks of his own liberation'.


  1. I totally agree with your statements here, Advaitadas. Sri Jiva Goswami said that if you have some food and don't share it you are miserly, and if you know what is right and don't help others to avoid pitfalls then you are not being a real friend to them.

  2. Thakur Mahasaya says that several times.

    vrajapura vanitāra, caraṇa āśraya sāra, koro mana ekānta koriyā /
    anya bola gaṇḍagola, nā śunaho uttarola, rākho prema hṛdaya bhariyā //68//

    The tripadi following that and the commentary in particular, is worth a read. It opens a long series of tripadis discussing the false nature of this world.

    Despite the recommendation to hear nothing but topics of the ladies of Vraja-pura in tripadi 68, Thakur Mahasaya goes on to talk about the illusory nature of this world and so forth in 69. Quoting from the comments:


    The question may be put here, "The need for discussing this may be there in the first, beginning stages of bhajana but why do we see deeply realised devotees, who are absorbed in bhajana, engaging in this also?"

    The proper answer to this question is: "Those who, on the strength of saintly association and through discussing the scriptures, have learned that all but God is temporary, can also become attached to bodily matters again, by associating with sensual people or by contacting the sense objects. Therefore by occasionally discussing the temporary and false nature of all these things they can reduce their attachment to those matters.


    prema-bhakti sudhā-nidhi, tāhe ḍubo niravadhi, āra yoto kṣāra-nidhi prāya // 72

    It is good that Advaitadas explains in his blog, especially to those who are searching for the path proper, the shortcomings in the theories of the likes of Subal, that the seekers would not dive into an ocean of acid, mistaking the bubbling phenomena for the waves of the prema-ocean.

    Of course being obsessed with such topics is unfavorable, but I am yet to see that happening in the Madangopal blog.