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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Tainted through sanga

Śrī Viśvanāth Cakravartīpāda comments on Ujjvala Nīlamaṇi 1.21:

“Because the upapati (adulterer)’s actions are depicted in plays and poems, one may develop a taste for them as if the upapati had worthy conduct. 

tathā tat-tac-ceṣṭitasya kāvya-nāya-gatatvena upādeyatayā svādane yad adharma-kta sthāna sūcakasyāpi tad bhavet iti nyāyāc carvaa-daśāyā sabhyānām api tādrūpyāpatteś ca vidharma-sparśāt  

Even persons of good conduct, absorbed in such depictions, may fall into identification with such a person and becomes tinged with irreligion, in the manner of yad adharma-kṛtaḥ sthānaṁ sūcakasyāpi tad bhavet: the person who points out the sinner attains the same place as the sinner. (SB 1.17.22) “

On my website, in the file ‘Wisdoms’, I had quoted a mundane philosopher saying that if one gets obsessed with thoughts of an enemy one assumes that enemy’s very qualities. That quote has been replaced with this one now, as mundane philosophers are non-Vedic and subject to the four defects. In this way all material on my site will follow śāstra

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