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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Balarām’s birthday [3]

In my blog of September 18 I showed dissatisfaction with the quote from Garga Samhitā about Balarām’s birthday, since Garga Samhitā is never quoted or mentioned by any ācārya. But there is another statement from a higher authority, Jīva Goswāmī’s ‘Gopāl Campūḥ’ [pūrva 3.86] - 

atha yogamāyā rohiṇyāḥ sāptamāsikaṁ garbhaṁ srastaṁ vidhāya devakyās tad- vidhaṁ taṁ tasyāṁ niyojayāmāsa | tataś ca labdha-sarva-samaya-sampad-daśe caturdaśe māsi śrāvaṇataḥ prāk śravaṇa-rkṣe samasta-sukha-rohiṇī rohiṇī guṇa- gaṇanayā suṣamaṁ sita-suṣamaṁ sutaṁ susrāva |

“Yogamāyā then stopped the creation of the seventh month embryo in Rohiṇī’s womb and transferred the seventh month embryo from Devakī’s womb. After the fourteenth month of pregnancy, at a most auspicious time, before Śrāvana month, during Śravana constellation, Rohiṇī, in great joy gave birth to a most beautiful son endowed with all qualities. “

This would make Balarām about one month older than Kṛṣṇa, who would then not have to stay another year in Devakī’s womb to be Rāmānuja, Balarām’s younger brother, as suggested in the previous Balarām-blog. Since the tithi of Balarām’s birthday is not precisely mentioned here, perhaps it is celebrated on Śrāvaṇa-Pūrṇimā, but it cannot actually be on that day, as Jīva Goswāmī says śrāvaṇataḥ prāk.

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  1. 25 October. Ekādaśī day. I do parikramā of the Kunda in the morning without having taken breakfast and as I come out of the Manipuri Mandir, I feel so much energy and enthusiasm that I decide, on the spot, to go on Girirāj Parikramā, though I have no water or food with me, either in my backpack or in my stomach. So I set off spontaneously (Giridhari in my room did not have anything to eat either) and on the way I feel enormous energy, which surely comes from Girirāja Himself. I complete the parikramā without taking even a single break in between, just eating some peanuts and bananas, and even that while walking. Girirāja Mahārāja ki jay!