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Friday, February 17, 2012

Seeking Guru, by Sādhu Bābā

A friend made a video recording of this year's Sītānāth Utsav in Sādhu Bābā's āśram, last January 30, and I noted this nice narration there about Sādhu Bābā's teachings. Tapan Kumar Adhikary speaks:

"One day in 1985 during Bäbä’s last visit to Çré Våndävana, Rebati Mukherjee, a disciple of Bäbä, asked him: "বাবা, সৎগুরু কি করে পাব?" Bäbä, how does one find a genuine Guru? Bäbä replied: প্রাণপণে হরিনামের আশ্রয গ্রহণ কর - হরিনাম তোমাকে ঠিক জাযগায পৌঞ্ছিযে দেবে –হরিনাম তোমাকে একদিন সৎগুরু পাইযা দিবে, সৎগুরু পৌঞ্ছিযে দিবে “Wholeheartedly take shelter of harinäm, and harinäm will show you the right place. harinäm will bring you to the genuine Guru. Çré Guru will enter through the open door. I just need to open the door to the Guru once I receive sat guru. Bābā rhymed:

গুরু করবে চেকে
জল খাবে ছেকে
পাপ হেলিবে দেখে

guru korbe checke,
jol khäbe cheìkhe,
papa helibe dekhe’

"Test him before you accept him as Guru, filter the water before you drink it (test the Guru's siddhānta) and see how the sin dissolves".

This text was added to Sadhu Baba's biography on, page 30


  1. theirVery nice post. really a satt-guru.

  2. On the way to Radhakund I phone Tapan Da. It is the day after Shiva Ratri and at 12.30 noon I still have not broken the fast. Some Vaisnava-groups say the fast is lost if one breaks it too late. 10 years ago, in the ashram, Krishna Di said we break vratas whenever the first offering is done the following morning (in the ashram that is usually late in the morning, could be after the prescribed paaron-time), and Tapan Da confirms it. "The most important thing is the fast. When that is done it is done. Then you can eat grains etc." Tapasya will always bear its fruit.

  3. holi in gopinath mandir radhakund - forgot yesterday was holi at das goswami's samadhi. stayed clear from abir and gulal - forgot my holi clothes in holland. fun still.

  4. Saturday attended Holi Kirtan in Radhakund's Govinda Mandir, for 40 minutes without getting clothes spoiled with powder (lack of clothes is the concern here), Sunday did Giriraj Parikrama, which became a bit more KC towards the end. Today editing and rest.

  5. In the taxi on February 22, 2012 I also told Tapan Da that I had almost missed my flight to India because of delay in receiving my visa. Tapan Da with perfect renunciation laconically says "Oh then you just go the next year."