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Friday, September 09, 2011

New hagiography Sadhu Baba

A new hagiography of Sādhu Bābā is completed in English today, and posted on my website, alongside my earlier humble effort to glorify Sādhu Bābā. As Satināth Da said in the introduction of his booklet:

"Actually it is not possible for an insignificant soul like me to fully reveal Çré-Çré Bäbä’s full divine form, but I will consider my effort a success if I can show at least a drop of this ocean. His extraordinary life is pervading the knowledge of His innumerable devotees. If they are all published perhaps we can create a garland of His entire life with different flower-like narrations."

Ramacandrapur's Sadhu Baba

1 comment:

  1. Haribol

    I met Sitanath da in Sadhu Baba's ashram, a very humble person and dedicated to his family. He is a high school english teacher.

    I will definitely read it.