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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sādhu Bābā catches the train and cures eczema.

After receiving video recordings of Prabhu Sītānāth's Utsab held in Sādhu Bābā's āśram last month, I have rewritten page 28 of Sādhu Bābā's hagiography, after hearing the detailed taped narration by my Gurubhāi Gaura Dā in Bengali:

Sādhu Bābā catches the train -
“Some time in the late 1970s or early 1980s Sādhu Bābā was going to leave for Vṛndāvana by train. Though the train would depart at 11.45, Bābā was still in the āśram at around 12. The connecting train from Howrah to Mathurā had to be caught in time in Calcutta. Bābā did not seem to be bothered, so the devotees were wondering if they will make it. When they arrived at Navadwīpa station the train was grounded, while the station-master was in panic, wondering why the engine did not work. Still, the train would not move. Then Bābā tapped the front of the carriage and said in his loud, husky voice “Is everyone (all my disciples) on board? Go! Off you go!” And guess what, the train was fixed and off they went.

Added to page 29 of Sadhu Baba's hagiography:

Gaura’s eczema –
Gaur Da : “One day I got eczema over my whole body. It was festival time and Bābā ordered me to get flowers from Calcutta. Bābā did (apparently) not know that I was sick, but actually he was just testing me. I had to take the night train and my mother told me: “Gaura! Why did you not tell Bābā you are sick?” I went anyway, taking the night train. I had not slept all night, so I went home and took a bath. Suddenly Bābā called me to the āśram. When I arrived there Bābā had just finished his morning-bath and he asked me to wipe Him dry with a chādor. I told him: “But you have already received that service!” Bābā said: “No, no you dry Me off!” After that He told me to take prasād and I went back home. When I took my shirt off I saw that my eczema was totally gone and I wept loudly.”

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