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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Girrirāj and the following darkness

11 December 2010 - Girirāja parikramā on foot, the first one in 6 years time. I thought I was too old to do it but I managed to complete it. I was crippled only two years ago and even 8 months ago I was still undergoing therapy, and yet now I walk 23 km. [14 miles] in one stretch! It is clearly Girrāj's mercy. Despite all property development around Girrāj the parikramā on foot is still a magical experience. The inner path is still vintage, pristine Girirāj, with so much śānti. It was non-different from the many beautiful parikramās I performed in 1985 and 1987. I must confess I took some artificial aid to complete the parikramā - 1 loperamide in the beginning to secure the stomach (to prevent having to do big toilet on the way), and halfway, at Pucchari Ka Lota, a cup of tea to give me strength for the second half.

This was also the end of my 2010 Radhakund-trip, which was my best trip to India for at least 7 years, in very sharp contrast with the previous trip in 2008, which was one of the worst ones.

Now back in Holland - it is said in śāstra that after seeing light, the following darkness is all the more deep. How true it is. Though the weather was fine when I returned, the emptiness of missing Braja is almost too much to bear this time.

My special thanks for this trip go to HH Mahānidhi Swami, Jāhnavā Didi, HG Ananda Hari Das, HG Bhaktipāda Das, Madhavānand [Delhi-walla], Indurekhā Didi and Jayadevī.

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