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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Thanks to Acyutānanda for sending me this photo of Śrī Ānanda Gopāl Goswāmī Prabhupāda, sitting next to Prāṇa-gopāl Goswāmī. Prāṇa Gopāl Goswāmi sits in the middle, front row, with Ānanda Gopāl Goswāmī further on in the front row, with long parted hair and brāhmin thread. On the other side of Prāṇa-gopāl Goswāmī sits Mādhava Dās bābājī. The picture is taken some time in the 1920s. It has been inserted into page 5 of the biography of Ānanda Gopāl Goswāmī too, on

26 march 2009
Acyutānanda just sent this comment:
 "So, from left to right... (a certain) Kiśorī Dās Bābā (according to Gopāl Gosh), Kuñja Dās Bābājī of Keśī Ghāṭ, Śrī Mādhava Dās Bābā of Gopīnāth Bāg, Śrīpād Prāṇa Gopāl Gosvāmī, unknown sādhaka bābājī, Śrīpād Ānanda Gopāl Gosvāmī, and this last Bābājī, I have a separate photo of a bābājī that looks like him, but don't know the name at all...."


  1. Since there have been problems opening pdf files on, everyone is again requested to report to me here on this comment page whether all diacritics and pictures in the new version of Ananda Gopal Goswami's bio-file are properly loading or not. Thank you!

  2. Nothing wrong with it.

    Hare Krishna

  3. That is, you could see

    1. The Bengali header atop page 1
    2. All diacritics
    3. The new pic inserted on page 5
    4. The caption under the new pic, in grey?

  4. Yes, all 4 things are displaying correctly on my computer. FYI, the Bengali header on pg 1 is purple with a line under it. In this current post, is that a little girl in the picture? Any idea who the others are? Great picture! Thank you!

  5. Thanks Satya. The header is supposed to be like that. Yes it is a little girl standing behind Prangopal Goswami, almost certainly his daughter, since all others on the photo are tyagis and thus likely to be childless. My Guru's sister was most probably not born yet at that time, let alone be of that age, so it cant be Dadu's daughter. I have asked the person who sent the pic who the others are but he may not be able to remember. Lets wait and see.