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Friday, July 18, 2008

Guru Pūrṇimā

mama śrī gurūpadiṣṭaṁ bhagavat kīrtana smaraṇa caraṇa paricaraṇādikam etad eva mama sādhanam etad eva mama sādhyam etad eva mama jīvātuḥ sādhana sādhya daśayoś tyaktum aśakyam etad eva me kāmyam etad eva me kāryam etad anyam na me kāryam nāpyābhilaśanīyaṁ svapne'pityatra sukham astu duḥkam vāstu saṁsāro naśyatu vā nā naśyatu tatra mama kāpi na kṣatiḥ

"The devotional practise of glorifying the Lord, remembering Him and serving His lotus-feet, as it has been instructed to me by my Guru is my goal and my life. It is impossible for me to give this up under any circumstance. This is what I desire and this is my duty. I have no other duty than this and I don't desire anything else, even in dreams! It may make me happy, it may make me unhappy, it may liberate me from material existence or it may not - that makes no difference to me at all"

(Śrī Viśvanātha Cakravartī’s comment on Bhagavad Gītā 2.41)

śarīraṁ surūpaṁ sadā roga-muktam 
yaśaścāru citraṁ dhanaṁ meru tulyam 
guror aṅghri-padme manaścen na lagnam
tataḥ kiṁ tataḥ kiṁ tataḥ kiṁ tataḥ kiṁ

"One's body may be beautiful and always healthy, one's fame may be wonderful and bright, and one's wealth may be like a mount of gold. But if the mind is not fixed on the lotus-feet of the Guru, then what of it, what of it, what of it, what of it?"

ṣaḍ aṅgādi vedo mukhe śāstra-vidyā
kavitvañca gadyaṁ supadyaṁ karoti 
guror aṅghri-padme manaścen na lagnam 
tataḥ kiṁ tataḥ kiṁ tataḥ kiṁ tataḥ kiṁ

"One may master the Vedas with its six philosophical theses, one may have memorised all the sacred scriptures and one may be able to compose the most exquisite poetic or prose verses. But if the mind is not fixed on the lotus-feet of the Guru, then what of it, what of it, what of it, what of it?" 
(Śaṅkarācārya’s Gurvaṣṭakam)

parānanda guro bhavat pade
padaṁ mano me bhagaval labheta
tadā nirastākhila sādhana śramaḥ
śrayeya saukhyaṁ bhavataḥ kṛpātaḥ

“O most blissful Guru! When my mind attains a place at your lotus-feet, all the tiresome labor of my spiritual practises (sādhana) will be finished, and by your Grace I will experience supreme happiness!”
(Śrīdhara Swāmī)

vijita hṛśīka vāyubhir adānta manas turagam 
ya iha yatanti yantum ati lolam upāya khidaḥ 
vyasana śatānvitāḥ samavahāya guroścaraṇam 
vanija ivāja santyakṛta karṇadharā jaladau

“The mind is like an reckless horse that even persons who have conquered their senses and breath cannot control. Those in this world who try to subdue the uncontrolled mind, but who abandon the feet of the Guru, encounter hundreds of obstacles in their cultivation of various adverse practices. O birthless Lord! They are like merchants on a boat in the ocean who have failed to appoint a captain.”
(Śrīmad Bhāgavata 10.87.33)


  1. Jay Nitai,

    Thanks a lot for these wonderful verses. It is really a mind refreshing moment while starting this sacred day.

    May Sri Guru always bless you like this.

    Jay Nitai

  2. Our teachers are our most valuable resource whether they teach a child during the school hours or in the after school informal talks. They are shaping tomorrow’s generation into responsible citizens. It is a service with a selfless motive, albeit seldom appreciated. Even though teachers never expect it, they do deserve a big THANK YOU. Guru Purnima is the occasion to express our gratitude, and flowers sure are perhaps one of the best means of saying it silently.

  3. What to speak then of our spiritual teachers....

  4. And to those unfortunate who have not yet received the cooling shade of the GuruCarana (like me), please bless me that Sri GuruTattva makes my fruitless life a success soon.
    NityanandAdvaitaGauranga Ki Jai!

  5. Joy Nitai! Thank you Advaitaji. Beautiful verses, and a beautiful photo to go with them.