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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Śyāmā and Śyāma

Regarding the ongoing discussion on vilasakunja about the non-difference between Durgā and Kṛṣṇa, the following:

Sādhu Bābā, being a direct descendant of Advaita Prabhu (=Shiva) and having long jaṭās (matted locks) naturally occasionally attracted visitors from Prāchīn Māyāpura's Ārdha Bārī (Kālī-temple), and he even brought a Kālī-deity for them from Jaypur during his last Vraja trip in 1985. Once such a group of devotees came for Bābā's darśan and Bābā turned to me personally and said, to reconcile: 'We are the greatest śāktas - rādhā pūrṇa śakti kṛṣṇa pūrṇa śaktimān (C.C.) ("Rādhā is the full śakti and Kṛṣṇa the full energetic"). Rādhā is Kālī because Kṛṣṇa is Kālā (the black boy)." He also used the following rhyme : 'śyāmār kole bose śyām-ke ḍākbi' - "Sit on the lap of Śyāmā (Kālī or māyā) and cry out for Śyām (Kṛṣṇa)." In other words, live a normal material (Śyāmā or Durga is māyā or matter) life, but in that situation cry out for Śyām (Kṛṣṇa)." He was an ekānta bhakta of Rādhā and Madangopāl, more than anyone else. He even forbade us to keep pictures of the Pañca-tattva or the Six Gosvāmīs on our altars because that would compromise our one-pointed attention to Rādhā and Madangopāl, and He always hammered on Śrīnāth Cakravartī's verse 'ārādhyo bhagavān vrajeśa tanaya' - "The worshipable God is the son of the king of Vraja."


  1. Very interesting comments about Sadhu Baba: "Be in material life but cry for Krishna", this seems to be to be spiritual realism. It is very fashionable to quote the orders of the Gosvamis to live in Vraja and console the unable with "thinking about living in Vraja is good" which is a second-best proposition.

    Of course I have all respects for this order as it is also the order of Mahaprabhu, but really? Can this ever happen? What if the whole world takes to Gaudiya Vaishnavism, how will they ever live in Vraja? It is unrealism; a nice idea if you can do it but I humbly don't think it is possible in the long run. It is more practical to visit Vraja as often as possible like most people are doing.

    So this saying of Sadhu Baba's is very realist; you have no choice but to sit in the lap of Maya but cry for Krishna to come and save you. In fact you could say that this is a greater cause for Krishna to shower kripa on you because Krishna's heart melts at the suffering of His devotees.

  2. Beautiful, Advaitadas

    Myself, I am a worshipper of Sachinandana Gaurahari, but I can appreciate that a higher devotee might have his own feelings about his ista-deva that are all divine.

    I specially like that info about Ma Kali. I had some western prejudices when I was young but My Guru opened my eyes and told me about the grandness of Ma Durga. At Durga Puja time Srila Sridhar Maharaj spent a couple of hours detailing the whole of the Chandi to me and explaining the glorious status of Ma Durga and Lord Shiva.

    Jai Ma Kali!

  3. Thank you for that comment. The purpose of the blog was to show that, even in the context of the Advaita (=Shiva) parivara, where one can expect more involvement with Shiva/Durga/Kali, the ultimate goal of life and the only target of meditation is the lotusfeet of Sri-Sri-Radha-Madangopal.

  4. Regarding the non-diference of Krsna and Durga, please allow me to quote my Gurudev, who is acknowledged as
    Shiva avatara:
    A devotee asked Him directly if He was Shiva (it is said He refrained from answering it), so she asked Him "Is Shiva Adhi purusha?"
    My Gurudev answered: "No, Shiva is anadi (ANADI - without beginning)." (as opposed to ADI - the original purusha).

    This explains everything, for my mind. Shiva (and His Durga) and Krsna can never be the same.

    (if anyone is interested, here is the whole story:

    Gaurahari bol!