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Monday, February 26, 2007

Iṣṭagoṣṭhī with Mahānidhi Swāmī (2)

To show appreciation for his generous dakṣiṇā I visit Mahānidhi Swāmī to present him with 2 copies of my Pañcakam book. He asks me about the dormant state of siddha svarūpa, mentioning the 10th paragraph of the Prīti Sandarbha (vasanti yatra puruṣāḥ sarve vaikuṇṭha mūrtaya). I explain that the word vasanti (they reside) is in present tense, which is proof of eternity for Jīva Goswāmī. Anyway, the siddha-svarūpa must be constitutionally eternal, and yet at the same time our conditioning is also beginningless (sei jīva anādi bahirmukha). We originate from Maha-viṣṇu only in the sense that we are stored in His giant form during the time of pralaya, not that we 'originate' as/in a beginning-point from Him or anyone for that matter.

I point out that the stage of bhāva is described in the famous Bhāgavat verse 1.2.21

bhidyate hṛdaya granthis chidyante sarva saṁśayaḥ
kṣīyante cāsya karmāṇi dṛṣṭa evātmanīśvare

'The knot in the heart is severed, all doubts are destroyed, all karmika reactions are gone, and one sees the Lord in one's self.' This is svarūpa-realization.

He asks me if I take disciples, so tell him of Bābā's final edict on this and that the new followers will all be Bābā's śiṣyas only, to which I will provide the śikṣā and Tapan Dā the dīkṣā. I tell him though that its unlikely many people will join, because we are so..... He fills me in 'occidental'. Yes, occidental. (Meaning we are too occidental, my lineage too oriental)


  1. RAdhe RAdhe Advaita Da,

    So it seems from this posting that somehow Baba's diksa line has been preserved? What good news have you to share? I'm excited for you and the future of Baba's line! :)

    It sounds like you're having a wonderful time in Vraja, please pray for me that I may come soon too!


  2. Yes, I mentioned the developments in my line in further comments on my blog 'Extinction'.

  3. Advaitaji, I don't quite understand how if a person takes diksa from Tapan Da they would not be considered his disciple.

  4. Citta Hariji, it is because of an edict of Sadhu Baba in his last days - tumi diksa debe kintu tumi guru hobe na - guru thakbo ami. You will give diksa but you will not be Guru. I will remain the Guru. It is because in Advaita Prabhu's family the big chair is reserved for the descendants of Advaita Acarya so that post would have gone to Sadhu Baba's son(s) but as he had no sons the diksa will remain with him forever, at least in our branch of the Advaita Family.