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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Prembhakti Candrika, translated by......?

This book, printed in Delhi in summer 2010, escaped my attention so far. It seems to be entirely re-typed from my original English translation, a monk's work, but it is unauthorized still. My name is graciously mentioned as the translator, but I don't want to be held responsible for all the mistakes like typos, so I take distance from them and will list the mistakes here, too -

1] The song texts and translations are too small, not bold and there is no space between the previous purport and the new text.
2] The ṛ and ḍ are spelled as ū
3] There are many spelling mistakes
4] An entire Narottamāṣṭakam is inserted on p.72, which is not at all in the original text by Śrīpād Anantadas ji
5] Many sanskrit quotes are not in italics.

There will be regular distribution soon of my translations of Sri Ananta Das Ji's work.


  1. "There will be regular distribution soon of my translations of Sri Ananta Das Ji's work." This is very exciting news, there is a dearth of your translated books anywhere in the market, hence even if a worsk such as above, has the spelling mistakes as you have pointed out, still the fact is that something is better than nothing! And the PBC is a well bound book, with good quality paper that will last decades with careful use! A precious treasure for aspiring devotees like myself as well as qualified Uttama Vaishnavas. So, Sripad Advaida DasJi, could you please elaborate on your last sentence? What can we expect in the coming days? For example, for too long," mukta charitra" and" grantha ratna panchakam" and "dana keli" books have been out of stock......i hope thy will be reprinted soon!

  2. Anonymous there are two kinds of translations of mine distributed - those by Anantdas Babaji and those of the previous acaryas, which you mentioned. For the latter class a solution still needs to be found.

  3. Dear Advaitadas,
    I would like to know if the contents of these new editions will be the same as the spiral-bound editions. Or, have there been substantial revisions and corrections?

  4. New corrections to my translation of Kṛṣṇa Bhāvanāmṛta have been uploaded to, linktab 'literature'. The word 'fondle' has sexual connotations, so where it was used in vatsalya context it has been replaced with 'caress' or 'cuddle'. Same corrections are made to my other work.

  5. Same done now with my translation of Govinda Lilamrita, also at the linktab 'literature'.