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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gīta Pañcakam

On Ekādaśī I spent two hours in the internet shop vainly waiting for two Russian hippies to give me the PC, though I had booked the time. I took advantage by reading the new book by Ananta das Bābājī, called Gīta Pañcakam. The purports of Anantadās Paṇḍitjī are of the usual high quality one can expect from him. This is not a review, because I just browsed through the book a little. This Gīta Pañcakam (meaning 5 Songs), contains 5 stotrams in the Vraja-section of the 10th Canto of the Bhāgavata - Veṇu Gīta (10.21), Gopī Gīta (10.31), Yugal Gīta (10.35), Uddhava Gīta (10.47), and Bhramara Gīta (10.47).

Some nice things I picked up though:

In SB 10.21.18, Rādhikā's prayer to Girirāja, Anantadāsjī quotes Her as saying that the stones of Girirāja keep Kṛṣṇa's feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
He also explains the killing of the Mura demon from another Purāṇa than the Bhāgavata:

Mura got the boon from Lord Brahmā that he could kill any celestial being (normally considered immortal), simply by touching them, but Lord Nārāyaṇa tricked him by claiming he was a coward. When Mura heard this he thumped his chest in indignation, 'Me, a coward??!" and thus killed himself, pretty much as what happened with Vṛkāsura.

There was also this charming verse:

doṣākaro'pi kuṭilo'pi kalaṅkito'pi
mitrāvasāna samaye vihitodayo'pi
candras tathāpi giriśaḥ śirasā bibharti
naivāśriteṣu guṇa-doṣa vicāraṇā syāt

"The moon may be at fault as the source of the night, he may be crooked and he may rise after the sun sets, still Giriśa (Shiva) carries him on His head. Morale: One should not consider the faults and virtues of those who take shelter of you."

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