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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nitya Kiśora or Nitya Yauvana?

Comment by Gaurasundara on blog 'No obsessions no witchhunts':

Regarding adjusting the lila, I was wondering what exactly is meant by "updating" the lila. For example, would Radha and Krishna (using Subal's updated ages of 20 and 21 resepctively) still live in the village? Perhaps They have now moved to the big city and have office jobs, even working for the same company! The issue of separation is there because They work on different floors. Although They are hopelessly in love with Each Other, they manage to steal a few secret moments whenever and wherever possible.Then tragedy strikes because Krishna is such a good worker and He is headhunted by another bigger company (Mathura Inc.) who offer Him a big package of incentives if He moves over to their side. Plus, the boss of Mathura Inc. (Kamsa) is hated by all and Krishna could possibly manage a hostile takeover. At the end of it all, Krishna goes on to found His own company (Dvaraka Inc.) and it is very successful. And so on..I wouldn't know if any of this is offensive, this is just what passed through my mind when I first heard of Subal's "update" ideas. It may be funny in some ways but I still prefer the original version. :-)

Well all I know about ages is that 20 and 21 are clearly beyond Kiśora-age, which is described in śāstra as being between 10-15 years old. The Yugal Kiśora would be Yugal Yauvan then (yauvana age is 15 and higher), which would require a huge overhaul of the Gauḍīya sāhitya. One could also stretch up the age limits of kumāra, paugaṇḍa and kiśora of course...

(For those who have just tuned in, this is JEST!!!)


  1. Does the esteemed Gaurasundara-ji believe that the Divine Couple is NOT present in any office? That They are ONLY present under certain circumstances in certain places? at. Wouldn't that be extremely limiting to the Divine Couple and wouldn't that opinion/belief be a form of blasphemy? Simply the idea that God can only have that color and that Indian dress etc could be construed as blasphemy, IMHO, I can find no jest whatsoever in THAT kind of "thinking".

    Yours in service of the Lord.

  2. If I understood your response properly - I believe Gaursundar is speaking about the specific form of Godhead Sri-Sri RadhaKrishna, who are described as having certain features by the acaryas. I am sure we all agree that God has an invisible, all-pervading feature as well, but that is not under debate here.