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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Egghead civil war? went down in turmoil today and is unavailable after its moderator Jagat (J.K. Brzezinski/Jagadānanda dās Bābājī/Hiranyagarbha Mahārāja) came out of the closet as a sahajīya. Since June 2004 held a relentless but fruitless campaign against him, revealing him as an infidel, opportunist, offender, power-mongerer, mundane scholar, vow-breaker, diplomat, arrogant intellectual, defiant renegade and whatnot, but he turns out to be even more than that - a self-confessed sahajīya. That turned out too much even for his staunchest ally Mādhavānanda, who defended all his aparādhas until now through thick and thin, even to his Guru, who then had 2,000 copies of his book Mādhurya Kādambinī, re-translated by Jagat, printed in English. A hard rain is falling now on all those who supported Jagat all these years, ignoring all our warnings.....

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