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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bhāratīya dina-pañji

Indian diary, Volume seventeen, part two

(For the first time online!)

VṚNDĀVANA -  Little sleep still to recover from 2 sleepless nights. Bhajan seems to go very well though, back in the holy dhama, by its grace. In the lounge of the Guest house I meet Dhanurdhara Swāmī. He is interested to know that many ' prominent' western rāgānugīs got into rāgānugā bhakti more due to academic pursuits than due to lobha, though some lobha must certainly be there.

The weather is warm and partly cloudy. In the afternoon I visit Kuśakratha Dās in the MVT to pay my respects. I have never met him. He is to depart soon and it can be seen on him too. He looks like an inmate of Auschwitz, totally emaciated, yet he is totally blissful and very friendly. He says he did not read my work. Because he can hardly speak due to throat cancer I don't want to tire him too much and take my leave.

Śītalā Dāsī tells me that throwing ashes into a holy river redeems the soul and she felt that strongly when she threw her father's ashes into the Yamunā.

With Dwarikanath Das I plan a trip to Navadwip via Bendel to celebrate Sādhu Bābā's birthday utsava,

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